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maybe it was the moving dung?


i would be scared "shitless" it that would happen,no pun intended
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I live in Puerto Rico and i gotta say that if we were that bad in 2000 we are even worse in 2007.The economy is in shambles,to my understanding a lot of the workforce must be working at $5 an hour getting less than the average yearly income of like Miss.

People can barely get by.Thanks the Spaghetti Monster for food coupons,public housing and US citizenship so we can get the fuck out of here when things get really bad.

At leasts we are a lot better than lots of other countries so we gotta thank the US government for that.
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There are a ton of things left out here. One of which is Lucy's and Ricky's bed (among other show's spouces beds at the time) never being shown pushed together. And if they were, at least one person's foot had to be on the floor if they were laying next to eachother.
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