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Great video

Allie is the funniest person on the whole interwebs. If you havent been to her website, I hesitate to point you there because you will read the whole thing in one sitting and you will no longer be able to appreciate the rest of the tubes because no one compares to her :)
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most worthless human being on TV. he spends SO long on his monologue. and the funniest part of his show doesnt require him or his staff to do ANYTHING but wait for people to send articles in to them.
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MoonCake i totally thank ya for your sentiments/compassion on stuff like this but i'm one of teh geighs and i dont usually take offense when people throw the word around. sometimes i say it to mean stupid. i shouldnt but it's not just something i think about. other stuff to worry about when it comes to being gay.

that said, when alex implied it was for gays he wasnt saying the guys were gay, he was saying gay dudes would like it because the cowboys are cute. and i dont know a single gay guy who doesnt like cute men. and i have a pocket sized eye bleach cuz all i see all the time is naked/almost naked women in ads/movies/tv shows. so thanks for posting this!
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yeah I clicked on this the other day and a portion of the video started playing automatically. and it was the dude talking about how horny he was haha. wasnt expecting that. not sure if that is what you meant by the strong language. anyway, i agree that the 12 part thing is annoying. all i wanna so is see the meat of it.
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yeah some of the comments give those that dont like christianity a bad name. you are only fueling the fire. i agree that a lot of christians are good people but to say they only follow the NT is BS. you cant imagine how many times they quote Leviticus to tell me who I am not allowed to be in love with...yet this is the same book that lays down the laws that the jewish people follow (and many more outlandish laws they they dont anymore) and that the christians ignore. what gets me the most is when christians act as sheep and read and believe only what they are told to. most atheists know far more about the bible than the average christian does
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Do you think that "When You Gonna" contains the first examples of white people saying "homeboy" and "homegirl" in history?

I do.

And yeah, enough with the Rick Rolling--played out. I enjoyed the post tho
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just have to say (probably to noone's interest but my own) my mom is from georgetown, sc and my parents now live there. it is one of the oldest towns in the US. never in my blog-reading life have I seen another reference to G-town. in the late 1700's, it was the largest producer of rice in the world--even larger than towns in Japan/China (of course the main reason was the use of slave labor--so I guess there is nothing to really brag about)
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i think "America's Toilet" is actually somewhere in Jersey. As for NYC, i think most people that live in/near it just call it The City. but i imagine the same happens in/around other large cities. But NYC is the most deserving.
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Retrokatze your links were about elephants. I would think that the size of the animals would make a difference in whether or not they could get drunk.
But anyway, I heard that biologists think that the reason humans have a taste for alcohol goes back to our ancestors (the common ancestor of humans and apes). They may have eaten fermented fruit because of the alcohol taste--the fruit gave them the vitamins/sugars that they needed when what they "thought" they wanted (so to speak) was the alcohol. Their bodies developed a taste for alcohol so they could get these nutrients
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