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Agree, but it's not all waste energy - for half the year in Canada, all that energy helps heat the house. Which (in our case) very slightly reduces oil consumption.
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After creamtion, the "ashes" are mostly ground-up bone fragments. People lug "cremains" around all the time for dispersal. Can't see much difference between that and a skull. And why would security care? It's neither illegal, nor threatening.
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From his starting height and distance travelled, he had a glide ratio of 14:1. Almost any plane (ultralight, Cessna, big jet) can glide better (power off). His power-off glide ratio would be likely lower, but still, (like Him said) the jet mostly provides just speed.
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Common in Australian Shepherds. Our dog has 'em...
and her dad has the top half brown, bottom blue...
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"Jumping onto a foam pad that happens to have a layer of water on top of it" is a more accurate description. It would probably be easier without the water.
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Might also be a quality issue... YouTube recompresses videos to an unacceptable level.
Plus, maybe the movie companies don't like prospective customers to see all the negative, idiotic comments that always appear on YouTube.
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Well done video, but when will video games ever get away from the boredom of FPS violence? With all that great scenery and some imagination, surely they could come up with a decent plot.
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