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Been working in Las Vegas for a few months. I must say I spend 10-20 dollars a day tipping everyone and I am so sick of this. However I would never tip for take out! Thats ridiculous.. Delivery of course, but no matter how much food its 4 or 5 bucks, which seems fair to me.
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If you ever seen a little black kid in Milwaukee with a nickel in one hand, fist with the other and a plastic/fiberglass lunch room table... Then you would see the realness. Yes... Live Drum and Bass, any freakin beat you can imagine and their own too.
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Why did I think this was a public toilet? Thank God I didnt see this in person. That looks like a great place for a wee. I mean I wouldn't, but I thought it was a.... UM Well anyway,
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This is growing in a lot of Buddhist temple gardens, its basically a lemon. But there is very little fruit, its all rind that is commonly used for making tea. The fruit can get pretty large, 10 inches or so. This has some kind of medicinal quality I don't remember which.
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I have never had a box of twinkies with an expiration date longer than a few weeks.. Also they changed the recipe, no trans fat maybe. They dont taste half as good now.
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I had a nice steak at a restaurant in San Diego zoo. If Chinese are more apt to eat a cut of Hippo that was raised on a farm just like that cow I help consume, who am I to judge?
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I hope this brings back the edge to the original Neatorama. There have too many posts about disney, legos, children, etc etc... Used to visit several times a day, now not very often.
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