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@Max Power:

No. And I didn't say that.

In any case: if it's safe enough for newborns; I'll take my chances.

And according to the article the milk has been pasteurized.
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Ah, some skeptics have landed.

@Jessss: We're talking about food, not ethics.

And yes I know that it's a generalization to say that if it comes from the land (like vegetables from your vegetable garden) without going through a million processes in the factory is more healthy than the over-processed crap you can get in the stores, but did I really need to spell that out?

>>So are those "magic" chemicals then?

You are too clever for me!

But for some reason I don't think the food that comes straight from the farm (to keep the example simple) contains stuff like: Hydrogenated Oils, Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), Sodium Nitrite, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) or Food Colorings. Which are just a few examples I found after 1 minute on ehow.

>>Is it really that hard to learn enough basic biochemistry...


>> discuss nutrition without sounding like a complete nutjob?

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>>Milk donated by local mothers could have been given to infants whose mothers don't produce enough. What a waste.

There are Milk Banks:
There are also 925 million hungry people in the world (in 2010):
Maybe we shouldn't be eating ice cream at all, no matter what kind of milk is used, I dunno.

>>So breast milk is sterile.. right. Sure why not, I mean, it's the internet. We can say anything.

Here's another shocker for you: urine is sterile. The things you learn on the internet eh?

>>That said, I'm going to need to see what these 15 chicks look like before I start in on a "boobie sundae."

A picture of the boobs in question on the menu would be nice.

>>Biohazard. And no, I don't drink cow's milk, either.

You can get food poisoning from pretty much anything: Nine Most Common Causes of Food Poisoning
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>>Dunno how this is going to stop anything.

"The new law would restrict beer sales at night, ban its sale in or close to many public places such as schools, and limit cans and bottles to a maximum size of 0.33 litres."
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Walk On The Wild Side. Very funny but surprised this is new to so many people. The earliest part that I could find (without wasting too much time) was posted by the BBC Aug 20 2009:
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Face it, what this really shows is the transformation of a dork into a dude. ;)

Unfortunately employers prefer dorks over dudes; there must be something wrong with society on .
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