The Fate of Paris Hilton's Birthday Cake

Paris Hilton celebrated her 30th birthday with a party last week. Los Angeles musician Paz crashed the party and made off with one of the cakes that wasn't eaten. Many doubted his account, but the baker later confirmed the theft. Hilton never mentioned the theft, but the bakery wanted to know what Paz thought of the cake. Now we have the rest of the story: what happened to the cake.
"I regret that I have but 3 tiers of frosted red velvet to give for my country," spoke the doomed confection.

And with that, he was carved into 125 delicious slices, and served to the homeless of downtown Los Angeles on white paper plates.

Link -via reddit

For those who cannot access Facebook, here are screenshots of the beginning and end of the story.

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I think its great he did this. Who cares if its stealing if its from Paris Hilton thats her Karma for wasting tax payers money, she stole from us if you think of the wasted resources. Maybe if she went and fed the homeless like Paz did I would have some respect for her. Im glad he gave it to homeless people, they dont get much joy in their life. I only hope that the richness of a fine cake didnt make them all sick.
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Did all those poor unsuspecting homeless people then come down with herpes?

I thought conducting this kind of biological experiment on humans had been outlawed by the Geneva Convention years ago.
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As little as I like Paris Hilton, it's still hard to root for this guy. He is a thief. Sure, he stole from a rich celebrity famous for not really doing anything of much value at all, but he still stole. I might have maybe possibly felt a little more compassion for him if he was just pulling a Robin Hood and stealing cake from the idle rich to give to the destitute with no aim other than to feed the needy, but he used the caper for self-promotion. He stole from someone's birthday celebration (if it wasn't Paris Hilton's and rather a non-celebrity, a lot of people would feel extra angry at that. Stealing from someone on their own birthday is a little extra taboo and Grinchy where I come from.) and then laughed about it and used it to get press. He should totally be punished to the fullest extent of the law for this criminal publicity stunt.
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