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Note the high ponytail, elaborate bottle, and lavish costume. Your talented children have designed the advertisement for the newly resurrected tv show "I Dream of Genie", starring the multi-talented Smurfette.

I Love Musicals, extra-lrg
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Because my grandson was reading far below the level needed for him to pass first grade, he took time each morning to read to his dogs, a lab and a boxer. The dogs loved the attention and my grandson's reading ability improved dramatically. Four years later, my grandson is performing well above the grade average but, every morning, he takes time to talk to his dogs.
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I'll put up the berries for decoration but that cake had better have tuna-mousse filling or someone's gonna have shredded curtains tomorrow.

Unicorns, xl, serene green
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I just introduced my grandson to Lev's tales. We especially love "Mom" because my sister-in-law thinks the same way-brown sugar in the sauerkraut, carmelized onion bits in the green beans and so forth. Really like his work.
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Many years ago I was a councilor for a local group of nursing (breastfeeding) mothers. Germ-laden restrooms are not appropriate for breastfeeding. Our advice for discreet breastfeeding was to cover the chest, arm and infant with a small lightweight blanket. The infant was less distracted and passers-by less offended. We told the mothers to explain to any curious person that the baby was sleeping. I remember one young mother who worried that her infant's noisy breastfeeding would be overheard. Our advice-sing.
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I remeber the Winky Dick tv show and the piece of plastic you smoothed over the tv screen. Then you drew the shapes shown on the screen. After several Saturday mornings, you had a finished picture. I remeber my brothers and I argued over who's turn it was. Thanks for bringing back memories.
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Northern DE here. Like Germantown, 27 inches on Saturday and, I think, 17 inches on Wednesday. Schools closed all week and my job closed Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday. I didn't have to shovel out at all. That's what I had kids for.
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Lighten up, Joe B. I agree with Justin. I adore my four former-stray, indulged, cosseted fuzz-balls and they know it. Every time one of them does something to really tick me off, he or she plays the "ain't-I-cute belly-up floor-flop", knowing I can't resist. Oh, yeah, do most cats deserve to be annoyed once in a while.
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Many years ago I had a one-year-old cat, Daisy, who badly injured her right hind leg and had to have it surgically amputated ant the "ankle", which is about halfway up the leg (for all you non-cat people). Because she chewed at the bandaging covering the stump, my mother crocheted little covers that fit over the stump and tied around the cat's hips. Daisy chewed through the crocheted cover in about a week, just in time for the scheduled vet visit and a brand-new, very colorful stump cover. This went on for about 6 months (my mother had a lot of yarn scraps) but Daisy lived she for 19 years, surviving annother surgery at age 10. The only things Daisy couldn't do were climb trees and clean behind her right ear, a task gladly taken over by Alexander, one of the other cats we had at the time.
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