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"Aerosmith did break up, Joe Perry went solo in the late 1970's and Brad Whitford left in the early 80's. They reunited a few years later."

Nitpicking, to be sure, but they didn't really break up. Jimmy Crespo and then Rick Duffay were brought in to replace Perry and Whitford, but the music that came out of it was pretty forgettable, so believing they were broken up might be preferable.

I've always felt back for bands that lose iconic members, particularly singers. Musicians can be replaced with sound alikes, to greater or lesser degrees of success.

In my mind, bands that lose iconic members to death or other significant problems (health, incarceration, etc...) will always be at a disadvantage to those who lose inconic members to creative differences/ego/money, etc..., as with the latter, there remains the possibility of rapprochement.

Roth rejoined Van Halen, Henley and Frey buried the hatchet (and not in each other's skulls), Ozzy and Black Sabbath managed to find common ground just to name a few. Legions of Journey fans hold out hope that Steve Perry will join the rest of the band, even if only for one show in the same way that Roger Waters rejoined his Floyd mates for one fantastic night before Rick Wright passed away. While members live, there is hope.

INXS fans will never have that opportunity, just as Bon Scott fans will never see him with AC/DC again. Jim Morrison will never grace the stage with the Doors and Jerry Garcia's absence is noted by Dead fans at every turn.
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Foreign nationals who served with US forces in Vietnam are not included. Canadian Vietnam veterans who served with US forces (Canada did not participate)and were killed or missing in action, are memorialized at the Canadian Vietnam War memorial on the shores of the St. Clair River in Windsor, Ontario, directly across from Detroit.

I should note that it was American Vietnam veterans who recognized the gap and worked to see that their Canadian brothers were not forgotten.
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Close. Maybe hairsplitting, but there was no "Canada province." There was Upper Canada (modern day Ontario) and Lower Canada (modern day Quebec).

Thanks for the acknowledgement, though. Happy belated 4th to my American cousins!
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I found the photos both touching and sad. From that perspective, it has accomplished what art is meant to accomplish. It isn't about shooting obliquely or getting out of your car. Every iconic photograph has broken the rules, even if it means not being interesting enough for the art school masses.

With respect to Mattie and atanguay, I agree. I lived in Windsor for a few years and would often cross the bridge to come to Detroit. The people who revel in kicking Detroit are the same who dismissed Chicago, New York and Cleveland when they were at their lowest.
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