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I will accept the subway zombie shirt in mens adult medium if you were to choose me as a runner up. It's not only appropriate, but also catchy. "Zombie-Eat Flesh"*
*sung with the subway theme song
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First you spread a great number of Bucky Balls by the entrances and adjacent to them you have makeshift punji stakes made from an assortment of pens from the store and held upright by Mars Mud. As you watch the zombies humorously slip and impale themselves on the pens, you use the Rubber Band Shooter Blaster Supreme to entertain yourself and make pew pew noises while shooting at the zombies. They arent going to break through your line of stabby sticks and slippery balls. Might as well enjoy it. For sustenance...CANDY, All the sweet sugary delight you could wish for. Your parents aren't there to tell you not to. BONUS: To add the the Macalay Culkinesque antics, tie a rope made from the strings of the various t-shirts in the store to the horse head mask and fill it with heavy objects and swing it towards the approaching undead. Giggle at results.
Also, I would like said horse head mask if you select me
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It's the barb at the end of a taser. It's shot out with the wires attached at the end so an electric current can be delivered to the recipient of this little present.
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