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I volunteered for the Red Cross equipment loan services and sock aids are pretty helpful for the elderly or anyone with a limited range of motion.

This one looks rather barbaric but the ones that occupational therapists prescribe are pretty useful.
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I just follow the arrows on the floor mindlessly. Feels like a giant board game.

No impulsive buys really... It's nice just to look around.
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I think the point of this is introduce a goat to a poor family so that it could which could produce milk, meat, fertilizer and eat unwanted weeds etc. Promotes sustainable living.

Using it as a gambling chip would defeat the purpose...
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Chinese language for example, their number systems as a language is quite mathematical compared to English. Fifty for example is "Five tens".

On the reverse of this spectrum, an aboriginal group (i forget which) did not use a clear numerical naming system. They only had equivilants for "one" "two" "some" "several" etc.

I would imagine it shapes a lot of how you think.
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Labour and supplies are cheaper in asia.. They'd probably prefer to be flashy and show the world what they can do than something cheaper and more practical :P
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I actually quite enjoy Twilight due to the MASS controversy and drama it always never fails to bring up. Heh.
I read the books...its really just three long fanfics (Reading material is reading material people. Stop being so high and mighty. We've all read good and bad books...)

But the phenomenon of crazy fans and super haters the craze has brought out, I've never seen such dramatics before.
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