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Your diet affects your weight more than anything else, including exercise. Get your diet right and you'll lose more weight than trying to run 10 miles every other day.
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I guess with feet it would be more difficult to live since humans wear shoes or some sort of covering on their soles almost all the time when they are outside. But 12 working fingers sound like a great idea!
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Wait I don't understand... why not just plug in your TV to your computer via HDMI, VGA, DVI, etc. cables?

Then you can watch a movie OR play a game OR surf the web OR do office work on your TV, etc.
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I remember hearing about this other specie that has a crazy reproduction cycle too. Something to do with rabbits, bugs, grass, rabbit's feces, etc. I can't remember the name of the specie for the life of me :-(.
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@ Vonskippy: Not only that but also the fact that a typical salarymen works 12 hours a day, and the country's economy is still bad.

I'm currently interning in Tokyo and I do notice that Japanese people tend to be shy in general, but in the city there is more acceptance for foreigners, even sometimes curiosity and admiration. It's pretty hard to make friends here if you don't get introduced by other people first...
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In Japan the common toilets these days are the ones that squirts water precisely at your butt. Then it makes the whole butt wiping process a lot simplier.

Think about it; if you get mud on your hands, would it be easier to simply rub it with toilet paper or first wet your hands then wipe it with toilet paper?
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