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@ linty

well maybe it's broken down a range of ages like from age 60-70 or something.

heck, I bet you couldn't find a 50 year old woman who could lift more than her!
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One of my friends worked at a constuction company over the summer doing outdoor hard labor and he went from 260 lbs to 200 lbs. He's still a little overweight, but he looks a lot better than before lol.
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I screwed up on a couple of cases where I pressed 1 first before 0, eve though I knew where both 0 and 1 were lol...

Anyways that made my 21 year old brain be rated as 36. ouch.
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@ Matt

The reason the first two panels can be a standalone punchline is because in some newspapers, they allocate less space for C&H's Sunday comics, so they delete the header panel and the first two panels. Notice that the panels are also size proportioned so that without the header and the first two panels they can be rearranged from landscape to portrait layout (and reducing the size as well).

Of course C&H also occasionally made a single panel Sunday comic that could obviously *not* be resized. Watterson's decision to draw these single panel comics angered many editors.
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