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For me, websites are like cable channels. Neato spent a long time branding themselves - instilling in me an expectation. Neato has changed (less control of content, more ads, more ads presented as 'neat' story topics). I just need to delete the shortcut as newer visitors do not have these expectations.
Trivial, at best. Please continue sharing; I wish you well.
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Wow, in one sitting I have murder, parasites, and playing with dead things. Is this Neatorama tring to grow up by impressing me with its darker, more morbid side?
Ugh... Not neat.
Not why I come to this site. I have sites like Nothing to do with Arbroath for this kind of crap.
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Hipster is a popular search term. If you have been with Neatorama a while, you can see that it has changed a lot of late.
As for this item. Not neat.
How about another page called 'Barforama' for legtwiching, parasites, and such?
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Yeah, I am going to put this in my "not neat" category. Legs twitching for me is seizures and dead people.
The wild elephant is another topic entirely and at least that story had an element of survival for its event.
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Until it falls off, there are always bigger hats. It is probably me projecting this but the boyfriend appeared to be thinking. "you are pretty, but not this pretty... when this is over I am so dumping you"
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If I have to have a cellphone, I would like it to be this larger form factor but packed with all of today's goodies. Sure it would weigh a couple of pounds but the flip out 4x8 screen, keyboard, hd video @ 30 fps, projector, place to store your id and credit cards, scanner and printer would mean my total amount of crap would be less. Not to mention that I would be less likely to place it in the washer with my laundry...
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I left out that in one state, the BD's were courting multiple towns. Once you have a proven track record, the towns begin to bid against one another: Tax incentives, free roads, special laws that will inhibit other BD's from moving in, etc. Now the growth is mandatory or else the house of cards will collapse. But do not worry, the BD's have the answer (and the farmers won't like it but they can either move or get a 'real job' like everyone else)
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There is a great political cartoon somewhere... Two farmers are visited by two politicians and the politicians are hungry and looking to barter. The punchline is something like, "they want our food and in exchange will give us representation".
This is brilliant. It captures the inception of the modern political process in the USA: Q. - Why do I need representation? A. Because if others have it and I don't, I will fall victim to 'progress'.
I've seen this in two states:
A. Big developer schmoozes a small town gov't and woos them with huge tax/growth opportunities.
B. One or two farms are purchased and converted into a hundred or so homes.
C. New residents love the farm country but need shopping and begin to hate the smell of fertilizer.
D. New residents outvote the 20 or 30 farmers, replace local gov't and begin the complete destruction of rural landscape (constant road construction, *almart, etc.).
E. Big Developer already wooing the next farthest town from the city with revenue numbers of previous conquest and the process recycles.
It is a pyramid scam. It can't go on forever. Nothing is too big to fail.
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So all you have to do is fire a grappling hook (that works), snare your victim, and then let loose the machete storm? I was hoping for a machete that spun like a throwing knife or flew with the longer edge in front.
Props for reminding me of &totse though. I may have to google it and see what is left... Ah, long ago when the internet was wild and free...
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Eh. Not neat.
Minnesotastan, the moir is due to the image on the rear window being printed on a screen. This allows whomever is on the darker side of the screen to see out while others cannot see in.
Oy, the internet tempts me to be so judgemental...
I have to wonder if what this person believes in more:
The flag, the nativity scene, the cats, or hyundai's marketing. Perhaps they believe in everything or perhaps they are a hipster being ironic as that is a trend...
My own vehicle is very custom and probably says alot more about me then I originally intended. I even removed some of the manufacturer's badging as I just don't go for that kind of representation.
Do you think in cases of road rage or even a traffic violation that this 'branding' of one's self helps, hinders, or ???
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This reminds me of the jerk who sued the sushi bar after they refused him service. He was discarding everything but the fishmeat.... disgusting humans. - how are these people created and how do we stop it from happening?
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So many questions....
Mainly, too much or not enough?
examples -
Do you wish that you spent more time in school or do you think you wasted the prime of your youth in a classroom?
Did you start a family too soon or is it too big/too small?
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I blame myself. I suck at polotics. Do I spend my free time debating with people at work? Or passing out leaflets or speaking at city hall? No.
So every election, when there are 20 new bond measures to improve the neiborhood, I rolled my eyes and voted no to every one while the rest of my neigbors vote yes, yes, yes because 1. Hey, bonds are not taxes it's just an IOU my kids will pay later 2. Using that charge card will improve my property value 3. Saying no means you hate firemen or police or children, ect.
Now that the bonds are due, the only solutions are to raise taxes, sell more bonds, or cut spending. Only one of these will get them re-elected, right?
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Though I am not sure why anyone would want such a title, these branches are tied too closely for such a simplification. IMHO, Biology is macro compared to Chem and Chem is macro compared to Physics - but they all can describe the same death event from their respective perspectives.
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I enjoy autotune when it creates notes that were not intended. Much of this collection of passages has been presented to me before but I did not listen like I did just now.
I loathe autotune where it is used to crutch a talentless tool of the entertainment industry.
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