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has any one but me noticed that these are two different robots in two different locations? this looks more like a testing facility for amusement rides rather than an elaborate prank by a programmer.
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i was not clear... it was early in the morning and my brain was on the fritz. i'm glad you corrected me. an element is the tiniest bit of matter before that retains the chemical structure of the element before it breaks down into teeny tiny subatomic particle. so, elements are atoms and clumps of atoms are molecules, clumps of molecules are the building blocks of a nice slice of warm toast with butter and emptiness is the nature of the universe (or so says the buddha).
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excuse me... (in a low voice) elements are molecules - the smallest essential structure before a substance breaks down into atoms. still, what kind of atoms would have to combine to form the "internet elements" and how many of them are radio active?
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those are my pals from drepung loseling monastery! i did a little feature about their visit at their tour schedule and more information can be found at
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