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It's a handheld xylophone from the mid 20th century. Inspired by (and much more portable) the keyboard on an accordion, they nevertheless flopped when it was discovered that only dogs (and really, really small children) could hear the music.
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1. Better question - have I seen any good ones? Well, the worst is probably the Hindi "I know what you did last summer/The Fog" ripoff called "Dhund". Except for the Scooby-doo ending.
2. You haven't seen the depths of zombie crap until you see some of the italian movies. Of course I can't name any but "City of the living dead", which is just awful. Another zombie comedy, nowhere near as good as "Shaun of the Dead" but better than "Ed and his dead mother" is "My boyfriend's back". Check it out.
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Is the Seiko Ovo, in black, off limits? If not, I'd like that.

If it is, then the Pimpin ain't easy IP black with blue LEDs would be super. Thanks for the contest!
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Not to be a contrarian, but what good will those precious metals be? Are people really going to be willing to trade useful goods (food, water, fuel, SUVs) for "precious" but otherwise useless metals? At least with diamonds you can cut glass with 'em.
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College level for some parts of mine, apparently.

Guess I've got to try harder to get those geniuses.

What, though, of high-school geniuses, then? What do they read?
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Having passed along that hint, what can anybody tell me about the second from the right on the bottom - the ramp/staircase/whatever?

I searched for spoilers but this isn't on digg even, yet.
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