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Not funny. I had a cat who attacked his own tail.
In the end we had to get most of the tail amputated because he would attack it so severely. This cat may need a vet, not people laughing at at.
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Just because people show concern for animals does not mean they are members of PETA. That over generalization is just damn ignorant.

This is a stupid video. It seems the staff at neatorama have a mean streak when it comes to animals.

It would be nice if neatorama would move on from such basic "humor" to amuse themselves, and bring us something with more substance.
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I agree with peachiekeen and cthewheeler.
I really have lost a lot of respect for Neatorama. You used to have awesome articles, now it seems that you're grabbing at straws for something to post.
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Haha. Isn't that the truth.
It's crazy. I used to be an avid reader and now I find it's too slow paced for me. There is something wrong with how things have turned.
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Stupid kid.
I agree with people, kids can treat their pets like crap. They should be taught to treat any pet with love and respect. Just like anybody/anything.
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Error94>Previous medical tests that got "penicillin, insulin, chemotherapy or a heart bypass" etc are done. There is nothing that can be changed about the tests of the past. But there is something that can be done with future testing. You would think with such advanced science, society would fund ways into researching new methods then just throwing money at old testing schemes. How long have we been looking for a cure for Cancer?
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Disgusting. Animal testing of any kind is disgusting. You would think in such an "advanced" world, we would have other methods of learning and experimenting.

It's disgusting that it's treated so light-heartedly, as seen in Neatorama putting up such a post. Shame.
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