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Wait, I thought that we in the United States are the only people in the world who are ignorant of other countries? That's what I keep reading, and I am fairly certain that would have been the result if this were an American news program making a similar mistake about some German organization.
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Once again, the post elicits so much hate...people talking about despising others for their beliefs...what is the deal, folks? Are we not free to believe what we want (or not) without being despised?
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I enjoyed the post, and enjoyed the comments even more. Self-righteous, anyone? Still laughing at a couple of these. (Kittens? Canadians? You can't be serious). The name-calling is especially convincing when thrown into arguments.
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And my first doll was a cabbage patch kid, so imagine my distress when i found out that wasn't what I was supposed to look like...then I got a GI Joe and things really went south for me...

Come on, folks, we are wll past the idea of blaming dolls for what we do to ourselves. We all know it's our parents' fault!
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As usual, everyone misses the point in jumping to support their own biased view. So I'll do the same. The point of the article is "better teachers, better product" in Finland. Hey, they were the ones who brought pizza into this. Anyway, how do you get and retain better teachers? By having them unionize with no incentive to improve themselves or their methods, by paying them to stay in the job once they have a certain number of years regardless of their performance, by letting every person who wants to be a teacher into the local College of Education without any, wait,
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