TV News Crew Confuses Star Trek Organization with US Navy SEALs

In the Star Trek universe, the Maquis was a military organization created by Federation colonists who ended up on the Cardassian side of the border when the United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union signed a peace treaty. SEAL Team Six of the US Navy is a different organization, although a German TV news crew confused the two:

Locher didn’t seem to notice (or care) that the skull in question was from a Klingon and included a bolted-on eyepatch. He and N24 also appear undeterred by the emblem’s inclusion of a phaser, 3 Klingon bat’leth swords and the word "Maquis."

Link via io9 | Image: TrekMovie

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It's not as bad as the amount of US new stations which didn't proof read their own broadcasted reports confusion Osama and Obama multiple times. Have you thought that maybe people just make mistakes, and no generalized country is really to blame?
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Wait, I thought that we in the United States are the only people in the world who are ignorant of other countries? That's what I keep reading, and I am fairly certain that would have been the result if this were an American news program making a similar mistake about some German organization.
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