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When did AOL open the flood gates to the internet for their users? You find that date, and I'm sure it corresponds to the downfall of civility and courtesy.
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I think most fail at weigh loss because they really don't know what to do. I need to to be told how to exercise. I need to follow a meal plan and know how to avoid foods that will kasbash the whole effort. We are lied to by the food industry that just likes to slap the diet craze meme of the moment on their packaging. Others like to peddle the magic pill solution and many fall for that. That's why a program like P90x really works. No magic. Just hard work and clean eating that this idiot was able to follow and lose 50 lbs. Glad to help those that are interested:
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erikerikerikerik has it right. Parents, regardless of the child's condition, must know how to prepare and deal with a know problem. If not, then sorry, bye bye.

I have a wife that gets anxiety attacks. I have to call the airline to work with them on seating arrangements and special requests. If my wife wigs out, then we miss the flight. Folks need to think about the other 100 people on the flight that mind the rules.
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Just a clarification on Cincinnati Style Chili. And I am sorry, I'm a bit of a Cincinnati Sytle Chili much that my work makes refuse to go with me to Skyline because I critize their eating habits. I mean, it's just wrong to stab the fork in the middle and twist like normal Spagetti. It's borderline sacrilegious in Cincinnati.

And Gail did a good job explaining Cincinnati Memes, she just went old school on Chili Spaggetti. Which is NOT the same thing as Cincinnati Style Chili. The image you included next to Gail's text is Cincinnati Style Chili, a 3-way to be exact. Gail's Chile Spaggetti contraption can be found here:
Yeah, it taste as bland as it looks. So PLEASE, if you come to Cincinnati, ask for the Cincinnati Style Chili, not the Chili Spaggetti. You will thanks me for this. Not now...but some day.
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