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I'm actually quite impressed by this test. Certainly, as someone stated above, more emphasis today is placed on science and math skills, but there is much to be said for practical knowledge. If there were (God-forbid) some sort of war in our country or cataclysmic disaster, would we easily be able to survive or rebuild with the skills the average American has? I wouldn't even know how to grow a potato if I had to.
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What's sad about this is that I totally would have thought "Chris" was completely serious considering how many weirdos there are out there.
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When I first heard about this I thought "That sounds cool" then I found a video on youtube of a guy getting this done without any anethesia and I almost threw up my breakfast. Basically, all they do is cut away a part of the ear to make it look pointed. Would you let some random tattoo artist perform surgery on you??? C'mon people.

(not for the faint of heart)
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They had a 4-month long honeymoon? I have to agree with Miles. Unless you stay home most of that time, you are asking for trouble with 4 mos of travel across the Pacific Rim for your honeymoon.
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What makes it even more confusing is that Nicholas is wearing a British uniform and George is wearing a Russian uniform. It was common for sovereigns at the time to wear a uniform from the visiting country as a sign of friendship. Even the Kaiser wore a Russian uniform when he visited St. Petersburg before the war.
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They took the statue down just because of some gossip? I would think that the gossip would be a good thing. Tourism is a huge industry in France and this big bosomed statue may be a draw! I know I'd go to see it.
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