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Where's the Duct Tape? If I ever said that in front of my dad, I'd have MY arse (arse is such a nice word) kicked. But that's because I'm 13, and "kids aren't supposed to do that.

But I do it anyway. Mom doesn't seem to care. ;)
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Ever since I played the PS2 version of Destroy All Humans!, talk of UFOs scares the crap outta me.

Although... My ceiling light was on too when I took a picture of somethin' like that. I scared my severely paranoid friend when I showed her the pic.
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Comment Guy Number 49, being allergic to apples is a sort of good thing to me. I hate the taste of apples. I'm violently allergic to horses, so you're lucky.

As for the people who think you'll die after going into the swimming pool STRAIGHT AFTER you eat, I had a couple of pieces of pizza at the pool, and I went STRAIGHT IN THE POOL AFTER EATING. I'm alive. Nothing bad happened to me. *big evil grin*
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The title of this article (well, the "This Won't Hurt A Bit"part) is absolutely hilarious. However, the whiny readers who bitch about the site's content (sorry for that last one, I'm a very violent person. At least I have my sanity), those guys aren't too funny. I honestly don't like whiny people. When somebody starts whining, they've ruined my day.brayden simms and biltmore had a good point. Atomic and Noah need to shut 'em up.

Oh yeah, and Michealhas a point about The USA's government. It really does suck. But that doesn't mean I won't give up my dreams of being a fighter pilot!
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