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Years ago a former Dutch Prime Minister tried to use a computer. He picked up the mouse and pointed it to the screen, like a remote control! The people in Holland were amazed. It was very funny and sad at the same time.
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What a relief to know that I'm not the only one dreaming about a floating head with his nose on top of his head. I thought it was something Freudian.
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Just one bottlecap in one albatross' stomach would already be a shocking picture. This is so incredibly sad, and bad. Even if they survive, they might be in pain their whole life.
Toxins from earlier plastic already entered the foodchain (
Maybe every nation in the world should send a ship to the area and start cleaning nonstop. They never get it clean but at least they would slow down the growth.
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How can we get into peoples heads. Dreams are good, let's enter the collective subconscious. Let's make something people remember, something disturbing. Let's take the big, round face of a child, with big eyes and a small nose, and give it sideburns, 'criminal' eyebrows, hair and ears of an adult. Let's creep out those gullible people out there.

Offcourse it could also be part of a promotional campaign for 'Don't Look Now 2' or 'Sandman, the Movie' and the actor just looks funny...
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If it is not a hoax, maybe the brain tries to construct a face from a smiley symbol?
I once read that with babies the opposite happens: they see a face, even the mother, as a circle with eyes and a mouth, not unlike a smiley.
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You would think that emotion-sensitive women have closer relationships with their roommates because they are emotion-sensitive. So there is a bigger chance they know their smell.
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Some memorable evil, cinema bastards I love to hate:
Gary Oldman in Leon/The Professional,
John Lithgow in Ricochet and Cliffhanger,
Joe Pesci in Goodfellas,
Henry Fonda in Once upon a time in the West.

Only two villains literally gave me a sick feeling in my stomach, many years ago:
Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man and
Mark Rydell in The Long Goodbye.
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Could be a wire spanner. The wire through the tube, attached inside. The device attached on the wall. If you wind up with the key the wire thightens. Or, if not attached, is pulled inside, usefull in fishing.
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Don't forget Terry Gilliams animations. They always make me laugh.
And the Fish Slapping Sketch. Gets funnier every time you watch it.
Ministry of Silly Walks, just thinking about it makes me laugh.
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I keep wondering, if their babies were as helpless as newborn human babies are today, wouldn't the females need one or two hands to hold them while crossing the field or climbing a tree?
Maybe early humans lived in quite safe environments because our babies are so helpless, we move slow, can't really smell, and have small teeth. We lived so comfortable we even lost our need of fur. Maybe we kept each-other warm by laying together? Maybe we had sex all day (like Bonobos) because both males and females didn't know when the females were fertile. If only 'alpha males' would reproduce, as happens with most animals, the human race today would exist of large, strong, muscular men and big, fertile women. It's not at all like that, so maybe early humans didn't care much who spread his or her genes (or legs) as long as they were comfortable, and had sex anyway.
Because we were such social animals we started communicating, with gestures and facial expressions, later with speech and imagination. So today I can imagine what happened with women like Ardi en Lucy.
I'm not a scientist, I just love to think about what could have happened.
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If you ever visited the Netherlands and wondered (like me, in my childhood, and every foreign friend) why so many cars drove around with thick yellow flower garlands on the bonnet: they were visitors of the Keukenhof.
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