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cheetahs are so built for speed that they are feather weights. No question a human would win, one on one. There was more than one cheetah, of course, but they just aren't wired with a pack mentality, so they don't expect help.
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Another reason drunk people survive accidents is because many drunk driving accidents occur when the car driven by the drunk driver T-bones the car driven by the non-drunk. Being T-boned is much more likely to kill you than being the driver of the car that does the T-boning, regardless of anyone's state of inebriation.
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She is a disgusting person, looking for nothing but the shallow attention that comes with being a freak.

How did she function in life, in society? Imagine her doing simple things like grocery shopping. Imagine how intrusive those stupid nails were. Imagine how much she disgusted those around her, by walking around with 30 year old nails. What is wrong with an attention-grabbing loser like this?

I, for one, am thrilled she lost her nails in this accident. Had she been wearing a seatbelt, the outcome may have been better, but I really wish it was actually worse. Much worse.

Our society does not need shallow show-offs like this.
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I'm with TVorNotTV. I watch Lost, Supernatural, and the Simpsons on TV, but since I don't have cable I watch like ten other shows on the Internet and DVD. Does this mean that I only watch 2.5 hours of TV a week? Of course not.
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"Thumbs up" has been a symbol of approval since Roman times.

This isn't true.

Giving a gladiator a thumbs up meant he was to be sent to his death. Thumbs down spared him.
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