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What are you kicking Eddie Murphy in the ass for? I only count three of his movies, and to be fair - one of them is CALLED 'Showtime', so it's bound to be said a couple of times...
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There's a simple explanation for the Praxis ring - they stored all their shit in a belt around the moon, hence the plasma rings. Use your brain, 'astronomer'.
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Ironic, considering the US was one of the first countries to adopt the SI (metric) system back in the 1700s as a symbol of solidarity with the French. Americans, get your stuff together and start using a system based on science instead of hog's heads and king's arms.
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A slightly better solution than the one the doctors decided was necessary for my polydactylist aunt - they made her mother tie string around the extra digits so tightly that they eventually went necrotic and fell off. Ah, modern medicine!
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