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They had to come up with something to explain the utter and complete lack of factual data to support anthropogenic global warming.
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I've been in Africa and witnessed the horrors caused by banning DDT. Rachel Carson has a lot of blood on her hands.

Mercutio is right in what he says, too, but in the meantime DDT would have saved 10s of millions of human beings sacrificed to the "Green Movement."
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I really doubt they took the effort to plant hedge bushes in the median so quickly.

I'm thinking what a non-Japanese guy like me thinks is the "after" picture is really the "before" picture.
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Corporations do have the same rights as people, because corporations are made up of people.

That said, her "proposal" has two flaws:

1) There's no right to be married (or else she could sue in court to be given a spouse) and

2) bigamy is illegal.
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The $700B wasn't "spent," it was appropriated for a program that, as it is turning out, no companies want to participate in and thus won't be "spent."

In other words, all the talk about the "bailout" was a waste of time.
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