The World's Largest Clock

On Wednesday, the largest clock in the world began operating. It is mounted 400 meters into the sky on a skyscraper dominating the skyline of the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca. Measuring 43 meters across, it's hoped that the enormous clock will draw additional Muslim pilgrims to visit the city:

Over 90 million pieces of coloured glass mosaic embellish the sides of the clock, which has four faces each bearing a large inscription of the name "Allah." It is visible from all corners of the city, the state news agency said.

The clock tower is the landmark feature of the seven-tower King Abdulaziz Endowment hotel complex, being built by the private Saudi Binladen Group, which will have the largest floor area of any building in the world when it is complete. Local media have said the clock tower project cost US$3 billion (NZ$4.2 billion).

The clock is positioned on a 601-metre tower, which will become the second tallest inhabited building in the world when it is completed in three months' time.

"Because it based in front of the holy mosque the whole Islamic world will refer to Mecca time instead of Greenwich. The Mecca clock will become a symbol to all Muslims," said Hashim Adnan, a resident of nearby Jeddah who frequently visits Mecca.

Link | Photo: AP

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Spending the GDP of a small country to build a holy clock-The fusion of empire and religion still reigns supreme in the twisted pardigm we find ourselves in-

Too bad is WASN'T a cock.
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Now China is going to outdo them and build a bigger clock. Sure, because of bad baby formula their infants are growing breasts, but they understand that building a taller one is more important!
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"Measuring 43 meters across, it’s hoped that the enormous clock will draw additional Muslim pilgrims to visit the city."

What potential pilgrim would think "Well, I *could* go to Mecca for the hajj and thus fulfill one of the basic requirements of my religion, but it's just so dull... oh, giant clock? I'm in!"? I suppose it may draw in more repeat visits however, as well as tourists at other times of the year.
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Sure wish they'd make as much effort to open up their societies to something other than islamic thought as they do putting things ''in our face''.

''Arab scientists''. Uh, huh. Right.
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