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Speech recognition is actually very far from dead. In fact, it's thriving. Stenographers are people who handle transcripts in court, various legal purchases, provides CART services, and does closed-captioning.

However, stenographers are beginning to become a dying race, as voice-writers (that is, people who "talk" to a computer program in their computer) are on the rise, being much more efficient, faster, and more accurate. It's also an alternative for people who want to do stenography, but have carpal-tunnel or other debilitating diseases.
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@D.B. Cooper
If you look on the left, it goes 24-12-6-3-10. 3 is odd, but 3x3 is 9, not 10.

And yeah, that's the first thing that popped into my mind too.
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10. Pop
9. under
8. cereal first
7. Do
6. Instructions reader
5. I don't like Journey but I've never lied about it
4. touch-typist
3. Don't
2. Lotsa time
1. Understood.
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@Miss Cellania: How would that work? The knight would say that the knave would lie, and the knave would say that the knight would lie.
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Why are we against this, exactly?

True, the US is in a recession, and as a result, there are a lot of layoffs. But we will eventually get out of the hole that we have dug ourselves, so it's not like the world is going to end.

Anyway, the world is already overpopulated, what harm could come from less people being born for a decade or so in just one country?
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Man, air traffic control personnel REALLY keep their cool. But then again, they're expected to. Its a high-stress job and average retirement starts in 15 years.
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