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it's not even art since it has a function other than itself.....
so it's a failure in all aspects...not cozy and not art. just a bunch of tubes glued together with some lights thrown in the "arms"
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i love america....
anything slightly sexual is extreme taboo but any type of violence is a o.k.

OMG i can't believe that girl showed her breasts, OUTRAGE!!!

oh, another saw movie? cool....
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this has been done multiple times before...
the thing i wanna know is, why pick on mcdonalds? they at least try to make healthy foods. look at a place like long john silver, that greasy shit will kill you in a week....
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egbert google admitted that their cars collected data from pretty much everyone they drove past and still to this day have that info....

also after their deal with verizon they announced their plan to end net neutrality....

how is that being paranoid again?
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