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I work in an area where everyone claims to have a service animal. I have seen one authentic seeing eye dog (Melba and she was a sweet and well trained dog). The other animals have consisted of old, mangy, smelly mutts who would run to the door of the room and bark at every passerby. They had the *official* collar on and everything. We've actually started asking for IDs as officially trained service animals have a picture ID and have tried to keep out the non-service animals.

And before someone gets the pitchforks, I work in an Emergency Room. Real service animals are welcome but if you're bringing in a dog that looks sicker then you, leaves puddles and piles on the floor and can't stop barking at people doing their job, it's time to leave Poopsie at home.
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They may die earlier, but they sure suck up a lot of resources before they finally do die. Not to mention the collateral damages of their "diseases" ie childhood asthma and the destruction of medical staff through lifting fat people who can't shift their own body weight.
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@JBSpesh - I'll see your 8 "delusional" Jedi cops and raise you several million people who believe that a cracker magically turns in to the body part of their deity when placed in their mouth.

Magic cracker vs Jedi mind tricks - choose your delusion.
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This would not work as vital signs don't always tell the tale of the patient. I've been working in the ER for 8 years and one thing that I've noticed is the "sick sense" that one develops after working triage. Someone can come in and, after a number of years of experience, you just "know" that they are sick.

I know, this is a bit of an intangible. I would challenge you, though, to find an experienced nurse and just ask them about this. I don't care about vital signs, look at the patient. That's something that this machine doesn't do. I've seen a lot of heart attack patients with normal vitals. If the robot is going to rush back patients because pain is a 10 on a 10 scale, you're going to have an ER full of drug seekers, especially once people figure out the trigger.
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Beautiful precision jump. I'm wondering what else he does as airborne typically use a dope rope and that was (a 1/2 second) free fall jump. He was wearing what looks like a Gold Knights jump suit but had the screaming eagle on his canopy.

Too bad it was shot at Michigan. Go Hawks!
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Apparently Banksy is already struggling for relevance. I was looking for some sharp satire regarding popular culture today. Instead there was a delivery of trite cliches. In other words, the Simpsons. I love the Simpsons, but Jay-sus that was lame, even by their standards.
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It's amazing the large douche factor comprising the top 10. It's been proven that Zuckerberg wants to sell all our information from Facebook and he's #1. Jobs is self righteous (although I can't help but be a fanboy of his products) and Google will soon own half of the world.

And there's Rupert...

Not to mention that fact that people have been touting the death knell for Twitter for two years. Hah!
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As archibot and video game dork wrote, this is all well and good as long as you're playing against a computer.

I don't think most kids will go the wheel of fortune route and start out with "RSTLNE" and then go from there.

I hope there wasn't a government grant involved with figuring out how to beat the computer at hangman...
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I think that I read a bit about his curriculum on (a forum for magicians). His class load included, if I recall, psychology, English and acting classes. Now one could argue that none of those classes alone equals a paying job (how many BA's are commonly heard asking "You want fries with that?") but the combo puts him in the same position as many people who became actors. Yes, he may spend many a night eating Ramen and bologna-on-hand, but he is living his dream.
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That's great that he was available, and we all got a warm fuzzy from dad saving the baby over the phone.


How can a parent consider themselves responsible if they don't know how to treat a choking child?

Check this:

You can learn how to do CPR (which includes choking problems) in your home, in your spare time. Learn this stuff if you plan on having a kid. Please.

Full disclosure: I am an ER nurse and an AHA instructor in CPR, ACLS and PALS. I get no money from this. I have seen this program save lives.
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