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Those bloody aliens again, first the pyramids, then flamethrowers.Good to hear the aliens were against the 'Christ is god' fiction though ... least some were gifted with critical thinking back then.
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If you went there and said to the people about their sand bridge being 250 feet long they would look at you and say 'feet ? many people have walked here, yes, but more than 250 feet'.Because, like 194 countries of the world's 197, they don't base measurements on an English king's foot, they use metric.They also use Spanish, pero lo que ellos hey !
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If one is diabetic, a spoonful of sugar could easily induce a hyper, or hypo, glycemic attack, perhaps leading to a coma or death.
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It would have a thousand feet ?So it could walk anywhere it wanted, like straight to metric land, like 194 out of 197 countries in the world did some decades ago ?Do you reckon you could use metric measurements on the WORLD WIDE web, rather than supporting the mental laziness of people in Liberia, Myanmar and the USA, who still use a measurement system based on a British king's body parts ?Metric is easy, it is just like decimal, just like dollars and cents ... the defunct imperial system of measurements is as cumbersome as pounds, shillings and pence ... and guineas !Unbelievable how reluctant you all are in 'The Greatest Country in the World' to move into the future (points to healthcare, electing stupid people to office, using the same actor for many movie roles, allowing drug companies to rort the people, bang, bang, killer guns for everybody, drug laws that cause crime) ... still, you have given us Tesla cars.
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Thats cool.FYI - a meter is a measuring machine, like a speed-o-meter or an electric meter, while a metre is a unit of length, as used by 194 of the 197 countries in the world.The countries that do not use metric and spell metre wrong on the WORLD WIDE web are Myanmar, Liberia and the U.S.A.
Lifting dummies over the threshold of stupid is my role in life.
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'Similar temperature to Earth, at 57 degrees'.I live near the east coast of the north island of New Zealand, top summer temperatures are 30 or maybe 32.My brother lives in Cairns, North Queensland, they get 44 sometimes.50 degrees can kill you, my gas powered water heater has a set maximum of 50 degrees, so that no one gets scalded.57 degrees is very hot to breathe in.
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