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And this polished side of the meteorite is due to...

Also: is Neatorama trying to condition its readers to the coming meteorcalypse? Is so thanks! if not, SHAME ON YOU.
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Man, this is so wrong! I usually love steampunkery but copper cogs and cake don't mix.
Signing off for the rest of the week with a gross metallic aftertaste.
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Yes, yes, I know you are broken, bleeding and burning alive. Will you stop the screaming and sign this before i help you?
STOP KICKING! see? now sign the pink and yellow copies and we'll get this rescue on.
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Thankfully we live in a cancer erradicated world, a fruitfull beyond our wildest imaginings economy which allows this once coveted facility by millons of suffering humans to be offered without remorse to a one in kind, almost extinct bird.
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