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Her French, English, and Spanish are spot-on, but I'm struggling to hear the Japanese. Except for the initial "ano," it sounds like she mixed together Korean and a Slavic language, but I guess I can't argue that this is what it sounds like to her. Impressive!
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You can say the same thing about gravity. That is a tired argument made by countless creationists hoping to provide some sort of rational defense to something that --by definition-- cannot be rationally defended.

To call evolution a "theory," while not technically incorrect, implies that there's some sort of doubt about the certainty of its tenets. That's simply not the reality of it.

There is NO doubt about evolution because it's based on mountains and mountains of observed data; faith does not come into play at any time. In the face of such thorough observation, even the Catholic Church acknowledges and accepts evolution, amending that it was "guided by God."

It is a theory only in name.
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The "serious" version is just as funny.

This is nearly a word-for-word parody of the real Miss USA contestants stating their opinions on the subject of evolution being taught in schools (including their use of "words" like "creationtism" and "knowledged").

Obviously "evolution" was replaced with "math," highlighting what a ridiculous question it is in the first place.
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Other people have already mentioned what I was going to say, so...

On a related note, I always find it amusing when people accuse U.S. Americans of "having no culture." I would argue that, while American culture is much younger, it is also much less geographically fixed and more widespread. American culture is so ingrained in the global landscape --particularly via entertainment-- that it's not immediately recognizable as American.

So these people will claim that America has no culture... all the while enjoying rap, hip-hop, or any number of other things that are culturally American but not recognized as such.
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How about getting your own facts straight before calling other people liars.

First, this ISN'T a ban. It's not even an indirect ban that imposes impossible standards, as you claim. As stated multiple times in the comments, manufacturers are already selling incandescent bulbs that meet these proposed energy standards.

The higher-efficiency incandescent bulbs give off the same quality of light using less energy. You can get them, today, at any Lowes or Home Depot.

Second, read the article. This was a law signed by G.W. Bush, not a "leftist tactic."

Creating safety and energy standards isn't "micromanaging" people's lives, it's called "raising the quality of life." It's the responsibility of any worthwhile government. Not to mention the enormous savings to both you and the government. Where's the downside?

Or do you prefer living in an asbestos lined house covered in lead-based paint, running CFC-leaking appliances that guzzle significantly more energy?

But yeah, you're probably right. The distinct lack of 7 MPG gas guzzlers on the market is just a leftist plot to take away your personal freedom. Better not use those state-run roads, either. The gub'mint can't tell ME where to drive! And the U.S. Postal Service? That socialist organization can go back to communist Russia where it came from.

And, nope, the right doesn't want to micromanage your life at all... unless you happen to be homosexual. Or pregnant. Or chronically ill. In which case they will be more than happy to provide a clear rubric of the personal/human rights you should not be allowed.

Ignore things like the Bush-era Patriot Act. This "leftist statist" light bulb issue is CLEARLY the bigger invasion into our personal liberties.

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Note that the extreme right is not the same as the moderate right. Beck, Rush, etc, are very much the voices of the extreme right.

They can and do turn on their own. See: Boehner and the debt ceiling debate.
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What impossible standards? Several companies are ALREADY SELLING incandescent bulbs that meet the proposed standards.

Keep your pants on, people.
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Do you really think this is about light bulbs? Don't be silly.

It's about the extreme right's standing policy of making a big stink and not giving "the enemy" what they want, no matter how harmless or sensible it is. It's always equated to the loss of "freedom."

"You're taking away my freedom to use a certain kind of light bulb in my own home!"


Hey Burgess, do you also want to bring back CFC aerosol cans? Our freedom to use them was taken away! How about government standards for household appliances? They took away our freedom to buy energy-inefficient refrigerators from the 60's! Auto emissions? That's just a big old freedom-robbing conspiracy is what that is.
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Smells like someone hatched a "clever" scheme to get some media coverage of their sale on half-priced car chargers.

I mean, it IS a pretty sweet deal.
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@Ryan S

That's true, but at the same time there will always, ALWAYS be vocal detractors of anything you could possibly imagine.

Adorable YouTube videos of kids putting a hat on their sleeping dog? You can bet that there will be accusations of animal cruelty nestled somewhere in the comments.

If people are genuinely unable to separate the humor in this book from the way that responsible parents should be treating their children, I think there's a more significant, bigger-picture problem with society that needs to be addressed before we start crusading against this one book.
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Self-sufficiency is a nice idea, but in reality it's more of a nightmare than a dream. The more you close yourself off to the global economy, the more it works against you.

This idea, called "mercantilism" --choking foreign trade and keeping American goods for Americans-- is actually one of the policies that made the Great Depression much worse than it would have been otherwise.

As good-intentioned as it is, this type of "patriotism" is actually the last thing we need right now as a country.
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