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I love double-yolk eggs! In Toronto we used to be able to buy cartons of eggs specifically labeled as double-yolk eggs. I guess with all that crap about cholesterol and all they stopped doing it. Boo!
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Canada Post lets you make your own stamps by uploading photos. http://www.canadapost.ca/cpo/mc/personal/productsservices/atoz/picturepostage.jsf
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Homophobia is alive and well. I thought most of us have settled the issue of sexual orientation being a born trait. My brother and I grew up where I was rough and tumble while hevwas fussy and a neat freak. My mom thought for sure between the two of us he would be the gay son. But in adulthood, he is straight as an arrow and I am gay. If pink nail polish could turn someone gay, trust me I would be the first one hiding by Chris Meloni's trailer on the Law and Order set. ;)
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Why did the government put his name up among a list for a vote, and when the guy won by a landslide they then backed off? How patently undemocratic? Besides, a funny name like Harry Baals might be good for Fort Wayne to add some excitement to an otherwise dull town.
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I guess this is trying to avoid controversy by omitting the evidence that may suggest more than a friendship between Catalan surrealist Dali and Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca.
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In these days where energy consumption and scarcity of resources should be of everyone's concern, this is simply irresponsible! There is no survival necessity inherent in this method other than to act cool like MacGyver in name but not spirit and purpose.
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Cute aside, and without maligning how well this owner treats this loris, it is important to point out the loris tardigradus is what the Zoological Society of London calls an Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) Species (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EDGE_Species). One of the threats to it, besides habitat destruction and use as laboratory subjects, is through the pet trade.
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I have a Catalan husband who lived in Barcelona for many years so I will show it to him!

Famed Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí, died in hospital a few days after being run over by a tram in Barcelona in 1926. He was dressed in a shabby way when run over and no one helped him to the hospital at first because people thought he was a homeless man. When he died, masses poured out on the streets to mourn and he was buried at his unfinished La Sagrada Familia.
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