Sonya Loves Her Nom Noms

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Remember this cute little loris who loved getting tickled? Well, it seems it's a she, her name is Sonya, she's from Russia and she loves her worms! I've always been a sucker for a gal with big brown eyes. *swoon* ;)

TGIF Nom nom nom!

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@ Ted and et al. Hey, saving The Kitties is cool, no snark there, and it definitely buys you credit or two to criticize a single Youtube clip.

However, to garner mucho Karma points, donate money consistently, or bar that, volunteer to the SPCA, WWF, or any like organization to help them stem the systematic abuse of animals. (Maybe avoid PETA, as they are sensationalizing themselves into irrelevance.)

Sorry, it's not enough to only fret about a weighty issue on a comment board, or perform a 10 second Google search to collect a Wikipedia link. Yeah, awareness is great and all but it only serves to assuage your guilt if you don't get involved. If you want to change the world, you gotta get involved.

PS - Yes, I do donate, avoid meat, buy local, recycle, and support sustainable development. Also, my righteous self-satisfaction has constructed a most wonderful glass house that is just begging for some stones thrown at it. Fire away if you must but I do what I can yet know there's always more work to be done.

PPS - And for what it's worth -- and hey, sorry Neatorama admins -- I have an ad blocker on Firefox, so whatever advertising they are able to get from my click through to this Loris video will be completely lost on me, but perhaps that for another comment another posting.
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I only chide people about their incorrect use of grammar or spelling. Otherwise, I usually just state my own opinion.

ucprod, two years ago, we did adopt a kitten that was thrown from a speeding truck onto the highway. Is that acceptable?
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@ required
@ ted
@ andrew in t.o.

Aside from chiding people on Neatorama, I'm curious to know what steps you are taking to stop the abuse of animals?
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Cute aside, and without maligning how well this owner treats this loris, it is important to point out the loris tardigradus is what the Zoological Society of London calls an Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) Species ( One of the threats to it, besides habitat destruction and use as laboratory subjects, is through the pet trade.
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