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"Hurt is right. Haworth, who charges $600 for both ears, can't use anesthetic on his pixie patients because he's not an actual doctor. Because actual doctors know that altering such important body parts can result in major deformities and infection that could entirely destroy the ear within days."

Whoever wrote that article either is a bad journalist or has a strong anti bodmod agenda. If the person had actually bothered to talk with Steve Haworth he or she would have realized just how competent he is in his field and how much he knows about the risks involved. He's also very good at making sure that his clients know about the risks and that they know how to care for their mods once they're done. He's nothing but professional, which is something I can't say for a lot of doctors.
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It's not so much clean as it is dead. The bacteria that cause the bad smell died in the microwave, so in that sense it doesn't smell, but their corpses are still lodged in the sponge, so it's not really clean.
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Have you ever used a trackpad for a long time, your fingers get kind of raw and bothered after some time, and if you're lucky you'll develop calluses over time that means you're not so bothered by it. That's on surfaces designed for long term finger usage, how is it against other surfaces? Your fingers are pretty much going to hate you after a while.

Neat idea, but fails to address some major issues.
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And god damnit, they're not LED tattoos, they're LED subdermal implants. The article doesn't mention tattoos anywhere. This is exactly how information gets obfuscated, independent interpretation by people who doesn't know what they speak about.
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Please tell me you're exaggerating to make a point? None of those images are especially realistic for anyone who actually see human people every day. Putting the anime-inspired stylized images aside the rest are generally overglossed photoshop renderings that each one stick out like a sore thumb if compared to any kind of real life person.

However, the points you made aren't entirely far fetched (your images just doesn't really support them). We will likely see more and more movies coming out with actors computer generated with 99,9% of the viewing audience being none the wiser. There are already numerous examples where characters have been completely or partially computer generated which still blend in seamlessly with the rest of the footage. The next leap is not that far. However, since we humans are so used to seeing humans every day of our lives we are VERY discerning about what looks lifelike and what doesn't, so regardless of when a complete movie using digital actors posing as real actors comes out it needs to be done to such a perfect degree lest it spoil the entire idea. The best example I can think of right off the bat is probably Avatar, even though they were blue and had tails, and were largely mocapped.
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