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If it was developing an improperly-formed skull, why couldn't the eye be improperly-formed and thus unusual looking as well? Even if the eye in the picture was a glass eye or otherwise fake, I'd be willing to bet this is a real shark fetus with cyclopia.
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As many have pointed out, France in general is far less breast-phobic than America, both in general outlook and in the arts. I think the issue here is not that there are breasts being shown, but that they are somewhat unrealistically large. I know there are women naturally so endowed and some of them may even be as slender as well, but I suppose the people of the town wanted a statue less unusually and distractingly proportioned.
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When reading about Skinner's baby box I too was first horrified, because I immediately thought of his better-known known invention of the operant conditioning chamber, commonly called a Skinner box. Thankfully the air crib sounds to be quite different from that device.
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I believe either the current incarnation, upon giving himself a very rushed examination after regenerating, felt his long-ish hair and exclaimed (with voice cracking) "I'm a girl!? ...No, no, not a girl."
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"Measuring 43 meters across, it’s hoped that the enormous clock will draw additional Muslim pilgrims to visit the city."

What potential pilgrim would think "Well, I *could* go to Mecca for the hajj and thus fulfill one of the basic requirements of my religion, but it's just so dull... oh, giant clock? I'm in!"? I suppose it may draw in more repeat visits however, as well as tourists at other times of the year.
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He isn't truly the last of a *species* but rather of a subspecies, and so there is a chance of preserving some of the Pinta line via crossbreeds. He's kept in an enclosure with two females of a different subspecies but while a few clutches of eggs has shown he hasn't been quite so Lonesome anymore, none have been viable.

He may not be the last of his kind - another tortoise in a zoo in Prague is believed to be a Pinta as well. Too bad it's also a male. Another promising lead was found in the wild on Isabela Island. While it too was a male and not a purebred Pinta like George, its half-Pinta DNA may indicate a female Pinta living among the Isabela population, and at the very least shows that such crossbreeding can produce viable offspring.
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It's obvious that milk has been an important source of nutrients in human history, and I don't think the anti-milk folks are denying that. What they are arguing is that milk isn't the perfect, essential, health-building foodstuff it's made out to be in our culture today, and may in fact be damaging to health. While it is silly to dismiss milk as "unnatural" (while accepting things like bread or coffee or what-have-you), it's also silly to insist that humans *need* to drink cow's milk to be healthy.
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"your likelihood of hearing about it or 99% of the the rest of the most newsworthy, bizarre or terrible murders that undermine our confidence in this unworkable "diversity" scam is zilch."

Wow. Last time I checked, dumb criminals came in all colors.
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