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---Chuck Norris can unscramble an egg

---Leading hand sanitizers kill 99% of germs and bacteria, Chuck Norris kills 100% of whatever the f*@% he wants.
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white people prepare to get your rights taken away! i'm no racist but most black politicians and "reverends" are so watch out.....this is so disappointing.....where's my white entertainment channel? i want it now if this is a supposedly equal rights country.....
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i'm from warrenton and the jamaican bobsled connection is a totally new story for me. i'm not entirely surprised, as our town has many weird stories that leave us wondering....
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I highly doubt she's gouging customers since that particular store is in the middle of nowhere! I've driven past it many times (and stopped there, just never got gas). She needs to charge the norm to keep the store open. I'll have to pay it a visit since I'll be heading back home for a week and it's on one of my favorite roads to drive in beautiful Fauquier County Virginia! I very much recommend visiting the area too. It's the greatest place to drive if you know all the back roads and secret spots. I love Fauquier County!
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Space Ghost is probably the best show they've ever had on there! But a lot of the others are great also. Sealab has a special place in my heart because my grandaddy, George Dowling, was a part of SEALAB II. Go to
and he's in the second to last photo on the page.
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Wow! What a great idea! I think every kid should learn about the holocaust. I was about 10 when I got to visit the ghetto Theresienstadt and the subject has fascinated me since then. I spent my childhood in Europe and was exposed to many of the locations where some of these horrible things happened and it only made my wanting to learn more greater. I'm looking forward to visiting my parents in Germany and getting to visit Auschwitz and Dachau. Nobody should be sheltered from what happened. It changed EVERYONE'S lives. And don't worry about it traumatizing kids, look at what they're exposed to on a daily basis on TV and the internet. I mean Paris Hilton and all those kinds of people frighten me more. I'm due to have a girl in July and by the time she's in kindergarten all the girls will be dressing like sluts. Worry about that more than teaching our kids about what REALITY can be like!
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