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OK, I couldn't help but laugh a bit at a bit of a flub.

The video is about the fastest living thing on earth and the first examples given are inanimate objects.

I LOL'd a little.
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@Anise: In regard to your example, this is why Facebook notifies you every single time your name is even mentioned. You can go in and remove that tag if you want to. You can even set your account up to NOT allow people to tag you in photographs.

Again, the problem here isn't Facebook's evil business practices, it is people's stupidity and their lack of motivation to do things like read EULAs and manage their own privacy settings.

If a person is unwilling to take the time to manage their own privacy, they give up their right to cry and complain when said privacy is violated.
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Is it just me, or am I the only one getting tired of people pissing and moaning about first, things they know nothing about and don't bother to verify for themselves (the phone number NON-issue) and second (and more importantly), the fact that they get to use a resource and cost intensive service for free and the provider of said service actually wanting to make a profit?

People use Facebook ALL DAY LONG. They stay in touch with people they'd otherwise have lost touch with. They find long lost friends and family. They have fun. They share their musings and engage their friends and families in ways that has never before been possible...and they get mad because Facebook helps advertisers put RELEVANT ad data on the right hand side of the page in a passive way in order to pay for everything it takes to allow you to use all those services and *gasp* make a profit?

Nearly every other site on the internet has ads. Generally, they are much much less passive (they pop over, they pop up, they are video and start playing right away, they play audio, they cover content until you click close or even have to wait until an ad plays to get to the content) and those are ok?

Seriously people, relax.

PS: Facebook cannot do anything without your consent. You consent to whatever they want every time you log in. It is part of the login process. If you choose to automatically login, you choose to automatically accept any change in terms. Beyond that, who frapping cares? Again, they're providing a service to you FOR FREE. YOU are the product. If you don't like it, delete your account. You'd be an idiot to do so, but feel free.
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@ted: Technically speaking, licensing of any sort is a Constitutional violation.

It is amazing to me how few law makers seem to have actually read the Constitution or the 2nd Amendment.
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Silly old man, shotguns are terrible implements for dispatching zombies.

Too few rounds, too long to reload, aiming at their head from any distance wouldn't guarantee a kill...not to mention the chainsaw handle would only be useful if you're hip firing, not trying to sight by eye like this guy was.

The trick for zombies is decent stopping power, high capacity, broad availability. 9mm, while not the best for traditional defense and would likely not do much to slow a zombie down, would be plenty to disable the brain while offering much higher capacity magazines and you'd be able to find it just about anywhere ammo is/was sold.

My personal preference would be .40 cal, but hey, I anticipate the need to use it again less desirable living (who might try to take what isn't theirs) as well as the undead.

And remember boys and girls, always use hollow tips. Mushrooming doubles the kinetic energy transfer to the target.
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I never...EVER get tired of seeing these kinds of things.

As a hopeless romantic, I hope to one day be just as obnoxiously adorable in communicating my feelings to a special, yet to be defined, lady.

Keep em' coming!
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You guys need to lighten up!

It was fun (which was the point). The movie looks like it is going to be fun as well.

Good work Neatorama.

The cover wasn't too bad either, though I prefer Zeromancer's cover of Send Me an Angel.
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Hello ladies. Look at your beer, now back to me, now back to your beer. Sadly, your beer isn't me...

...I don't always wash with body wash, but when I do, I prefer Old Spice.
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@B.M. Loose Change has been debunked more times than a get the idea.

Seriously, Google is your friend. It might lead you to a well respected engineering magazine with a long history of accuracy and in depth reporting. That magazine went through Loose Change argument by argument and debunked them all.

There are numerous arguments made by the Loose Change guys that can be defeated without an engineering degree and by using the hundreds of videos and thousands of photographs available on the internet.

It would seem we should hold a funeral for a little thing called critical thinking.
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JoejoeSing...don't kid yourself. The network makes plenty of profit.

Being a not-for-profit organization and not making a profit don't exactly go hand and hand anymore.
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I actually just read the "About" on that blog. It was about as ignorant as he was claiming Williams was.

Williams never made a statement saying he could identify all Muslims because of their garb. He was saying that when he gets on a flight and sees Muslims in Muslim garb (let's not pretend we don't know what that is), he gets nervous.

I think it is disgusting how people are so willing to paint someone as a racist.
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One last comment.

I think the idea that we have to qualify every statement which is directed at the segment of the Muslim population that is the problem is dumb.

The left loves throwing hateful and divisive commentary at radical right wing religious nutjobs but they don't qualify their statements...mainly because we all understand that they are talking about the Westboro Baptist Church folks, not the rest of them.

Let's quit being disingenuous and try to pick knits and start having an honest discourse about subjects.
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@Miss Cellania,
That is part of the problem. People are under the impression that NPR is a non-profit organization funded by the government. It is neither. It receives a very small chunk of its budget from the government.

It is a for-profit private enterprise.

Just like the US Chamber of Commerce is NOT government. The Federal Reserve Bank is NOT government.
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