Muslims Wearing Things

The Tumblr blog Muslims Wearing Things was launched as a reaction to former NPR analyst Juan Willams saying he gets nervous when he sees people in Muslim garb on planes. Looking through the pictures of the things Muslims wear, I was reminded of a neat bit of casting I knew about but had forgotten.

Prince Abdullah (now King Abdullah II) of Jordan, wearing a Starfleet uniform in a 1996 episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

Then there's reality.

US Army Specialist and Muslim Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan wore camouflage, up until the day he was killed in combat in Iraq, fighting for his country.

Link -via Metafilter

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Miss Celania, I usually find your posts to be tempered, if usually agnostic. This time, not so much. Gee Queue's comments are astute, mature and decent-hearted.

When a friend tells you he was bitten by a koala as a child, so everytime he sees koalas now, he gets nervous and fearful, do you scold him for assuming all koalas would bite him? Maybe you show him some compassion and ask him to share more?

Juan Williams wasn't being a jerk, he was being human. He was punished for being honest about his fears. Way to teach the kids what we really think of honesty.

Any decent and sensitive Muslim will understand Juan's feelings and will not hold them against him or America.

NPR long ago became a misnomer.
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A good idea for the tolerant guys would be to go to a muslim country.

All Americans are hated and treated badly. Hate speech is standard.

Men and women do not wear western clothes.

Don't be hateful but don't be naive either.
See it with you own eyes.
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Thanks for the link to the woman, Miss C. We usually see Muslim women presented in the media as hidden behind veils.

I went to the article, and found it objectionable for its vitriol. It didn't seem as much of a positive site as it seemed a "nyah-nyah, so there" site, while completely sidestepping the original point.

I found Jerse's comments funny. I remember a long time ago on this site Jerse's intolerant comments towards a specific group. I also remember working with an intelligent young Muslim who claimed Sept 11 was a Jewish conspiracy. I think we all have our biases, and being PC about just one type is very dangerous.
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@B.M. Loose Change has been debunked more times than a get the idea.

Seriously, Google is your friend. It might lead you to a well respected engineering magazine with a long history of accuracy and in depth reporting. That magazine went through Loose Change argument by argument and debunked them all.

There are numerous arguments made by the Loose Change guys that can be defeated without an engineering degree and by using the hundreds of videos and thousands of photographs available on the internet.

It would seem we should hold a funeral for a little thing called critical thinking.
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