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When I was 10 one of those parking lot travelling midways showed up, and I got into that ride that's like a 40 foot pole with cars jutting out from the center spinning around at different elevations. It became apparent after a few seconds that I was beginning to lift out of the ride and hung on for fear life - the crossbar didn't touch my waist at all. I've been on rollercoasters since then but I'll never ride something that can be put on wheels and hauled away.
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Humanity is amazing. Somehow most of our modern inventions have come within the last 100 years. Our ability to understand that if you freeze a human, they will die, still seems lost on many.
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i don't care how many times your toilet paper is quilted, nor how fluffy it is when you rub it against your cheek - if you're not wetting it before you use it, you may as well use nothing.
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great concept. i think the dirt problem would be solved by making the bristles a darker colour, and you can probably vacuum it easily enough. but the real fun would be standing that thing up and jumping down into the bristles until someone needs me later.
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have you seen the size of england? it's enough there's literally nowhere to bury the dead in london, but a few days garbage buildup and people would have nowhere to stand..
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