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PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives. Because it is the personification of: "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation..." (Thoreau) And by reading the secrets of others that chasm of darkness is allowed a little bit more light.
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I don't believe that McCain was being racist. I do believe he did it deliberately, however, to show his lack of respect for Obama and his platform--he was pointedly separating himself from Obama, as in "I am the greatest" (McCain, the greater) and "I pity the fool" (Obama, the lesser.) And to correct those who are saying that Obama is the one who pulled the race card...for heaven's sake, quit being a bunch of babies, and realize that the press are the ones who brought it to the forefront. I was watching the debates and I didn't even take notice of it, until I read all about "the issue" later. And, as for the whole messiah, etc. I mean, am I the only "one" who thought that McCain was trying to appeal to a younger demographic by alluding to "The Matrix"?

Some posters commented on the format. I understand that they want to see a true "debate" but I think this was the best format at this time. Look, the world is imploding, once again (and during an election year), and I think it best to address some questions that people really wanted answers to. (Although, I don't believe there were any true, clear answers given by either party.) So, a true debate would devolved into one candidate talking over another, certain issues not being addressed, finger pointing, name calling, etc. (Which, to a point, it did...just in a more controlled manner.) if let to run the show on their own, so to speak. Perhaps, in New York, we will get less of the town hall and more of a rabid dog fight, which it seems, some people want.

And please, if you don't like coverage of the political climate on Neatorama, then JUST DON'T READ THAT PART. Simple. In addition, both political party posters need to be civil and stop acting ridiculous. State your case, don't spread lies or rumors, stick to the FACTS, and move on. Sheesh!
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I find it awfully funny how people seem to be upset that the snake was killed, but if it were the other way around, no one would say a word, because it's the "circle of life." As if survival of the fittest no longer exists. What utter nonsense. I say hooray for the mouse for putting up a fight. That snake, in top form, could've easily eaten that mouse. There are large snakes that devour large four-legged creatures, so there would have been no problem, had it not been under the weather.
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