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I have to agree. But the times, they are a-changin'. We lived across the street from the elementary school that I attended and the playground was studded with baseball diamonds, every one of which would be filled on Saturdays by kids playing pickup games. Today - not a one is in use on the weekends. And I used to read all of my free time, as opposed to staring at a smartphone or computer screen. I'm better off for all that.
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An excellent presentation. Here is my backlog queue at the moment:
Mister Ed
mad, mad world
house on haunted hill
13 ghosts
legend of hillbilly john
my favorite martian
dusty’s trail
chicago teddy bears
you bet your life
sergeant bilko
lost in space
poseidon adventure
creature from the black lagoon
f troop
have gun will travel
i bury the living
night of the living dead
fritz von Erich, sportatorium
mchale’s navy
gomer pyle
captain nice and mr. terrific
the tingler
i’m dickens, he’s finster
man from uncle
t.h.e. cat
hogan’s heroes
wild, wild west
the lone ranger
cisco kid
pistols and petticoats
milton the monster
jonny quest
alley oop
alias smith and jones
roy rogers
death valley days
sky king
mickey mouse club
davy crockett
the rifleman
jaimie mcpheeters
green acres
howdy doody
honey west
real mccoy’s
guns of will sonnett
attack ads - goldwater and apple
run for your life
run buddy run
the untouchables
the fugitive
thing with two heads
the magic sword
attack of the crab monsters
it’s about time
my mother the car
the avengers
dobie gillis
monster of piedras blancas
the land unknown
perils of penelope pitstop
tales from the crypt
santa claus conquers the martians
i dream of jeannie
50 foot woman
the vault of horror 1973
kung fu
mr. bill
the lost world

I keep telling you that you need to begin cranking these things out too. From your list, you are amply qualified.
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The short Bilby, also on Neatorama, opens with battling dung beetles. Did you know that dung beetles were revered by American Indians?
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A good assessment. This was a program for kids, not adults, and I don't see how any normal kid could not have liked it. You comment about these people applying current standards to the past is spot on. Now maybe if Clutch were gay and Spinner a transgender........
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Well, I agree that suicide is not funny (unless you watch the original film M.A.S.H. from 1970) but I think their point was that the director was such a failure in life that he became a failure in death, or in an attempt at it anyway.
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Well, 'worst' is a subjective term and there will never be 100% agreement. I too have seen Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, and it IS pretty bad, but I consider it to be more of a comedy than sci-fi. Robot Monster took itself seriously, whereas SCCTM did not. Both were awful films but did at least possess some modicum of entertainment value and that is a redeeming feature. As Alex would tell us, Manos: The Hands of Fate did not even offer that and so too is a strong contender for the title of Worst.Film.Ever.Made.
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Forgot to include above as an epilog. From the IMDb:

_According to the Medved brothers' book "The Golden Turkey Awards", director Phil Tucker attempted suicide after the film was released because critical reaction was so negative. He put a gun to his head, pulled the trigger, and missed._
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In the 1982 film _Poltergeist_, it is revealed that the character portrayed by JoBeth Williams is 32 years old, and she has a 16 year old daughter therein. I have personally known two people who were grandparents by age 30 so Jane Jetson will have to do better than that to impress me.
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Great Heavens, Miss C., that wasn't even one of the scarier episodes. I was 11 when I saw The Zanti Misfits episode, and it was terrifying but not so much that I ran away from home. But I still think It Crawled Out of the Woodwork was the scariest of the bunch. That I recall anyway.

Sorry to hear of your childhood trauma but I knew there had to be some reason you took up blogging.
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I'm old enough to have watched these as a child and now the grandkids are getting introduced to what they would never otherwise know about. More coming!
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