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"They also used an instrument called an electrocautery, which ignited the oxygen."
The engineer in me cannot let this pass. Oxygen does not ignite - it causes other materials to ignite. Natural gas would ignite, but not oxygen. Its danger is that 100% oxygen causes ordinary materials like cotton to become quite flammable. If our atmosphere were 100% oxygen instead of about 21%, forests would auto-ignite.
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These devices simply work by evaporative cooling, which will keep food as much as 30 degrees below ambient temperature, but they won't keep food 'cold'. We made jello with one of these things about 55 years ago in scout camp during the summer in central Texas - furnace hot but not very humid. And while they work as intended in areas of low humidity, like deserts or high elevation, they don't work at all well in humid areas such as the Texas Gulf Coast. We don't have root cellars here either.
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Hard liquor is now sold in metric units, as are 2 liter soft drinks, and our monetary system has always been metric. Many firearm calibers such as 9mm are already metric. Dual units appear on many containers. So it is not as one-sided as one might otherwise conclude. The cost to convert would be great but Washington probably squanders that much in a week.
I am adept in dual units myself - it is like learning another language - and I have no problem. But Americans have been so dumbed down by a failed education system that a major change such as metrification is just not going to be possible even if it carries no cost.
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Well, I should have researched a little more then, for I hadn't known that Lorne Michaels had been a write for RAMLI, but it makes sense in that SNL was certainly a late-night imitation of RAMLI. John Belushi and Steve Martin would have fit right in with the regular cast. Kudos to the F&W quote, which also eluded me - and I did this mostly from memory.
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