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i have called animal control, they said they consider skunks to be "pests" and we have to call pest control. they say the same thing about racoons - we used to have a racoon problem but i scared them away. skunks are harder to scare away because they will spray if i threaten them.

anyway the pest control places want $200+ to set traps and they don't guarantee it will work and i just don't have the money right now.

as a matter of fact, i made my comment at 3AM and went to sleep - at 5:15 they woke me up again. i'm so tired of them :(
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i live in San Francisco and every night a family of skunks comes into the house (via the cat door).

at first it was cute but now it's REALLY annoying. they make a giant mess, they are noisy, they are stupid, and they STINK.

i would be very happy if someone who wanted pet skunks came by and grabbed them when they came in. i just had one wander into my room less than an hour ago.
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this is maybe the most poorly designed infographic i've ever seen

the colors are different so there's no A-B comparison

the smallest numbers are on the largest rings

curved line lengths are hard to compare

whoever made that should be fired :(
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bad idea for a bunch of reasons:

1) rubber has to be thin to flex but is in the #1 spot for wear - tire will wear out fast and can't be repaired

2) increases rolling resistance which is biker's #1 worst enemy

3) adds weight to wheel, which is really bad for stability and efficiency

4) most of the time a tire just goes flat and rider still needs a pump. this will only help when there is a slow leak in the middle of a ride - a rare occasion
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i'm so disappointed. neatorama has been one of my favorite blogs for years. are you going to start repeating all the other lies that appear in right-wing media outlets? maybe a post about how barack obama is a kenyan socialist?

you've really lost a lot of credibility today with this heinous, disgusting blog post
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syzygy actually isn't that hard - usually people guess vowels first and when they are forced to guess Y, it's a giveaway for anyone familiar with the word
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what a terrible idea. this really bothers me so much

i hope it's an art piece satirizing capitalism because it represents everything wrong with where civilization is going - even the most basic pleasures in life aren't considered valuable anymore unless they put a dollar in someone's pocket.

but there is a hidden cost to a bench like this much greater than that little bit of money - discouraging people from enjoying nature, from enjoying their own public places, giving people one more tiny little prod to keep moving, keep busy, be productive. that's why 1/3 of americans are depressed and heart attacks are the number one cause of death and respect for the environment is worse than ever.
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from the setup and the kid's reaction i think (i hope) this is fake

it must be fake. there are no spiders that big in real life.

don't tell me otherwise, i don't want to know about it
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this same guy is constantly suing game companies.

he sued sony for banning him from everquest and already sued blizzard for wasting his life.

he's either crazy or a lawyer or both
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i had pirated it on my wii so i took the opportunity to give them a little money. i can't afford $20 for a casual game i played for a couple hours but $5 seemed justified
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the ABZ book is when i realized as a kid shel was more than just a cartoonist, he was a brilliant satirist and humorist. i always planned to name my first kid after shel (boy or girl) because i admire his creative genius :D
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i spent the first few years of my life in one of those houses. all i remember from it is that my mother says i fell down some stairs into the garage
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