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I used to be a trauma coordinator in a past life, and remember laughing when I was assigned a guy who was seriously injured by a shattered toilet. The supply water was also spraying everywhere, so the poor guy was on the ground, surrounded by very sharp shattered porcelain and spewing water, trying to get to the water shutoff. He had to have multiple surgeries to repair lacerated arteries and limbs and required months of rehab, so it wasn't nearly as funny as it sounded after I found out what had actually happened. One does wonder where the "high air pressure in the domestic water supply" came from, though.
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Comparison needed for those with less experience with brain anatomy. Some of the "holes" in that brain are physiologic (the lateral ventricles), and you and I have them as well. She keeps pointing to the whole thing and saying that it's "very charachteristic" without specifying what in the picture is normal vs abnormal. That said, even "minor" concussions can be very challenging for people who develop post-concussive syndrome, and repeated brain injury is really bad.
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When I started out, it was just edsel, but after my first ISP in the early 90's went under, I had to add the airport code of my town since "edsel@newISP.com" was already taken. Edsel was my dog that I got in college, who accompanied me through life until 2000. Too lazy to change it, and Edsel was, after all, the best dog in the world.
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Our daughter thought that bunnies said "flump" for years. That's the sound a rabbit makes when run over by a '58 Buick we drove before she was born.
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Hey, I knew 3 (definitions) of the words in the final 10, but certainly wouldn't have in middle or high school. Orgeat, jugendstil (direct from German, which I am fluent in), and the curly hair one (which I won't try to spell without the page in front of me.)
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I put a "time capsule" of pictures of the original kitchen and family names and pictures into the wall (behind the drywall) when we remodeled the too-worn and too-small original kitchen of our 1926 home about 10 yrs ago. We found a collection of children's toys from the 40's--marbles, paper dolls, a rubberized airplace--along with a metal tin for Trojan condoms in a wall we demolished for said remodel.

Oh, and we once left "gifts" for a really nasty landlord written in sharpie on the backs of switch plates, bottom side of the toilet lid, written inside the phone book (now I'm dating myself,) the back of the crawl space hatch, etc. Those simply said "[name of landlord] sucks cock."
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Would just point out that your Birkenstock's aren't any use to you here in Cascadia, but you'd better bring your raingear and some vegan boots.
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Ummmm....good for the neighbors? Nothing like having an unfixed male meandering the neighborhood knocking up the stray females creating feral kittens. Adopt one from the pound, instead of making the cat overpopulation problem worse.
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Sorry, but Bell's palsy isn't a medical emergency. There really aren't any effective treatments (acyclovir can be given, but hasn't been shown clinically to speed or improve outcomes). That said, weakness on one side of your face (or body) can be a sign of a stroke, which *is* a medical emergency. I won't be getting my medical advice via twitter though.
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Gotcha Miss Cellania. However, there have been no just wars since the mid-20th century (WWII). Paying someone to maintain a grave is about as removed as you can possibly get from honoring the dead.
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