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My first online pseudonym was back in '96 on IRC/EFnet:

NotAWiz, cause I wasn't a wiz at anything and needed a lot of help from the people in the channel where I used to hang out. It stuck with me for about four years, I think, whenever I was in that channel, so the regulars could recognize me, as well as our op bot ^jelly^. Incidentally, my away nick was (of course) NotAway, amusing to the regulars and confusing to everyone else.

In '99 I decided it was time for a change, cause I wasn't not a wiz anymore, so I went for CyBoy, and I still use that for a lot of things, like cyboy.deviantart.com. It's a cross between Cyber Boy and Cowboy.

Hælvis is my irl nickname that my friend Henrik (Henken) gave me. I don't use it much online, only here, though spelt with an "a" as "æ" is not an option when registring for accounts.

By the way... I went by hansom_stranger@ for a long while, so, aschenputtel@, if you're reading this, I miss our conversations by email!
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1) Kisai Rogue SR2 Black+OrangeLCD
2) Mini Retro Amp - MP3 Speaker (should you have one lying around, I know it's discontinued), if not: Inflatable Turkey!
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The Norwegian armed forces has just quit using "green" ammo. Lots of soldiers would get sick from shooting. They were poisoned by white phosphorus.
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No, I read the entire banana first. And some of the peal, so:
@Splint Chesthair You don't need an ammendment for that. It's really silly and make Americans look bad. Gun laws and regulation doesn't mean you're not allowed to own a gun. It means that that crazy fucker down on the corner who has long conversations with his dog isn't allowed to own one. (Conversation, as in, the dog participates). Did you know that there are just as many guns per capita in Norway? The rules here are very strict. You have to have a hunting licence/certificate and a relatively clean record if you want to buy a rifle or a shotgun. If you want to buy a hand gun, you'd have to be an active member of a pistol shooting club for a year or two (cant remember, but at least a year), and for all guns, you need to apply to the police. Automatic weapons are illegal to own. Still, there aren't many shootings, and violent crimes aren't that common. Except for stabbings these days, and that's a whole other matter.

By the way, Neatorama may be described as somewhat liberal. I can't tell if you were serious about the "socialist fascist" comment. It's a dichotomy. You can't be a socialist, craving a classless society run by the people and at the same time strive for a society run by one tyrant and his oportunistic henchmen.
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He's in Paris, but, not accounting for daylight savings time, it's 14:00 CET. With daylight savings time, it would be 15:00 CET, and we can conclude that Carl is in the eastern part of Brazil. If this was between october 17th and february 20th, we could narrow it down to north east Brazil.
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Over designed, under engineered. Looked promising, but they've spent way too much time on the look of the frame. The front forks have very obvious weak spots. And zip ties as "motor mounts"?? Stupid.
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I don't see the point. An antenna doesn't get better if it's longer, and it should be made out of a material that conducts well. If it's supposed to be used as an emergency antenna if your normal antenna is broken, why not just carry an extra whip? I mean, for UHF, it's only a couple of inches long and really doesn't weigh anything. If range is the big concern, why not just go for a short wave radio with a dipole? Or even CW? There's not much that can beat the range of CW!
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I saw this about the week it came out, and I was really impressed with the simplicity and crafty design! I've already decided to build a chair inspired by this one. Probably with two wheels, though, for more stability. And maybe with a fold-down writing/laptop/desk surface.

I like it, but there's plenty of room for improvement!
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