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The class menus are all about equally healthy, and all healthier than the typical modern American diet.

Shame what happen'd to Leo DiCap tho...
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"Batman learns that he has been abducted from his past and he is merely a series of stories related to justice."

This is the most profound sentence I've read in weeks. And I'm currently reading Dostoyevsky!
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Her face is great. So few wrinkles.

But please don't emulate the endurance running regimen in the hopes that it is the magic elixir. It's actually not that great for you. The evidence highly favors High Intensity Interval Training, which is healthier and much more efficient for cardiovascular exercise. (I hate it when Good Examples act like the secret to exemplar health is waking up in the middle of the night and exercising all day: it's false and rudely discouraging to normal people. She's got good genes, but regular people can age near optimally with a relatively modest amount of self-disciple.)

And weightlifting is a must for older people.
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"He recently sat on a couch watching television for 94 straight hours, thus setting a Guinness World Record."

It was my understanding that Guinness stopped doing sleep records a long time ago, so people wouldn't hurt themselves? Hence Randy Gardner's 11 day sleepless record still active since 1964. (Not sure what the watching TV element adds to this)

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Well Adam West's tight batman pajamas made clear that very little of that "91kg" was muscle. So the supposed similarity based on weight is misleading. Affleck and Bale are de facto the closest to Batman's comic dimensions, simply because they are the only weight-trained actors to play the character.
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It's weird how different he looks. Hollywood aging makeup relies heavily on wrinkles and sags, but Phil has relatively mild furrowing. The bony structure of the face changes too, and that's hard to mimic with makeup (since it's more of a subtraction).
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Note that all the jacked dudes (U.S., Russia, Egypt, Venezuela) were designed by females. Most of the normal bodies (Spain, U.K., Philippines) were picked by men.
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