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Never has a guy so lovingly exemplified the genius and wonder of technology. Yea he was a misfit, a rogue who saw beauty in brushed aluminum and deigned people who say it can't happen. He proved them wrong numerous times...and did it with a twinkle in his eye and a zen like confidence. He was a villain to some, a god to others, a cad to a few, but most of all he was human and he strove to break those bonds and bring you with him on the ride. And while I am sure there are a few Steve's roving the world out there right now, they broke a mold after releasing him out here.

Here's to you Steve. I will miss you terribly.
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Yea, used to see one of these while riding pools/ramps while skateboarding. We called them hippers or black death due to the fact that it looks like your butt is somehow diseased.

I never got one but I knew a few guys who hobbled around for months with these. They would get made fun of with the inflatable doughnut, then silence anyone when they showed the bruise.

My friend Dylan nearly made a woman pass out once
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There's probably a way that it filters out the solids.

Overall, I applaud this type of thinking. This kind of reverse engineering is the best way to solve long term problems and a novel idea.
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The Fruitcake Slices recipe debacle nearly killed me with giggles. Not to mention the picture of the rolled up dough and how it looks like a gigantic turd.
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FYI, for Ratatouille, Pixar had several dozen 'learning days' where the storyboard artists, animators, and others dined at The French Laundry...Pixar picked up the tab.

Another darn good reason to work at Pixar
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