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A pissed-off Canadian here who thought at first this was a You Tube video and then discovered it was Hulu. Thanks for posting something that can be seen only by your American viewers. I think that unless you're a site that caters soley to Americans, you should not post things that are not viewable to those outside the United States.
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The word is WHOSE, not who's. "The man who’s plot was the basis for the Tom Cruise film Valkyrie," means "The man who is plot was the basis," etc. I expect better spelling from you.
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The problem I have with many of Cracked's articles is that they are not fact-checked. This is one of several that list autism as a mental illness, when autism is no such thing. Autism is a developmental disability, a difference in brain structure, and is not an illness, mental or physical.
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It's not "THE" HMS Investigator. It's just "HMS Investigator." "HMS" does not take an article because it makes no sense to say "The Her Majesty's Ship Investigator."
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