Before LOLCats There Were Action Cats!

(Video Link via Hulu)

This commercial parody from Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s paved the way for future kittie videos to take the interwebs by storm, and it's an ad for a  fake product I'd actually like to see sold in stores, especially around Halloween. It doesn't get much better than armor clad cats battling it out with mini rocket launchers, oh wait, they glow in the dark?!

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@ antdude- this sketch is from season 17, which is the 1991-1992 season of SNL. Doubt me? Look it up.

@ R.Rocket- you act as if I somehow have something to do with Hulu's policies. Offending is a verb not an adjective, so does it feel offending or offensive? Sorry this has offended you so much, but you really need to get a life! It's a short comedy sketch, not a video of the birth of Jesus or something, so you're not missing much. Please take your negativity elsewhere!
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Maybe you have blocked the "sarcastic and snarky" comments, but please note that it actually feels quite offending to click on a link and be told that you're not allowed to watch the content because you're not in the USA.
MOST people are outside the USA.
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Hulu is not an exception. You run into this sort of thing often on the internet. I understand that these media companies do not want to give away for free entire episodes of current popular sitcoms for example. But an ancient SNL clip? How do they intend to make money from this overseas in the future?
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Hey guys, sorry I posted a video that wouldn't play internationally! I'm a bit new to this, and I had no idea that Hulu wouldn't play outside the US. I agree that it's crappy on their part not to let international viewers watch their videos, and I will no longer post videos from their site. In the future try not to get so angry over something so stupid though! It's really not a big deal that you can't watch this video, your life will go on believe me. You're acting less like a rainbow goddess and more like Kali, goddess of destruction. We're trying to build a site with constructive commenting, not a place for angry souls to rant and talk trash. If you want to continue being allowed to comment on this site, be more constructive in the future rainbow, sarcasm and snarky commenting is no longer welcome here.
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